Leamington won't be without a theatre for long.

Just weeks after Star Theatres closed it's doors, independently-owned Imagine Cinemas announced it has signed a deal to re-open a movie theatre in the Talbot Street location in Leamington.

Imagine already owns Lakeshore Cinemas and Timmins Cinemas 6 in Timmins, Ont.

"The town of Leamington is exactly the type of demographic location we seek as we expand our regional theatre chain," Imagine general manager Gina Facca said in a media release.

Facca said her company has "found its niche" in smaller communities, like Leamington.

Star Theatres closed because it had to upgrade its technologies to meet industry standards. It was just too costly for the company.

Facca said her company will "invest a significant amount of money upgrading the cinema" there.

Renovations will start in early March and the yet-to-be-named theatre is expected to open May 3.

Facca figures the theatre will employ one full-time and 10 part-time employees.