Getting Essex County wine to the dinner table is getting easier.

Liquor stores now carry more local wines as part of the LCBO's "wines to watch" program, which offers more shelf space to local wine.

Area wineries hope that will bring more tourists to the region.

Sprucewood Shores' Jake Mitchell says his winery will soon have two wines on the shelf and now has two new tanks to keep up with demand.

"They're supporting a lot of Ontario wineries and we definitely appreciate that," Mitchell said.

Selling wine at the LCBO isn't necessarily a big money maker for small wineries, but Viewpoint's John Fancsy says there is a payoff. 

"I guess the prime motivation is that if we are able to attract somebody at the Go Local campaign or at the local LCBO, then, hopefully, they drive retail business not only to their business but to the wine region in general," Fancsy said.

With a growing number of local wineries, the region's industry is now branding itself as EPIC - Essex Pelee Island Coast - will launch a new campaign Tuesday.