Late fines will return to the Windsor Public Library.

The "fine free" trial period ends next month.

In January 2012, the library eliminated the fines on a trial basis.

Acting CEO Chris Woodrow said the library budget has taken a hit.

"Since we began this trial period, we've probably foregone probably close to $200,000 in monies that we could have channeled back into new resources for the community," Woodrow said.

A large portion of the money collected from fines went to purchase new materials.

Currently, when users have even one item overdue, their accounts are blocked and they can't take any other items out until its returned.

Woodrow says many people would rather pay fines.

"We were finding that since there was no fines customers were keeping materials way way longer than they should because they weren't going to be penalized and we had customers waiting for that specific item getting frustrated," Woodrow said.

Starting Nov. 15,  the late fees will return.

Users will have to accumulate 20 dollars in fines before their accounts are blocked.

The library will also be introducing online payment.