Police in LaSalle are searching for a suspect who may have sustained burns while throwing a "Molotov cocktail" and burning up the women's bathroom at the Essex Golf & Country Club.

There have been two attempts to set fire to structures near the club's pool this summer, according to police.

Essex Golf & Country Club

LaSalle police believe the suspect poured gas around the woman's washroom at the Essex Golf & Country Club before setting it alight. (LaSalle Police Service)

Club member Lynda Heyj was alarmed to learn about the attacks on the facilities. 

"The damage is horrible. hte pictures that we saw today, that LaSalle police posted, were outrageous," she said. 

Lynda Heyj

Essex Golf & Country Club member Lynda Heyj was alarmed to learn about two arson attacks at the facility. (Dale Molnar/CBC)

On July 27 someone threw a water bottle packed with charcoal, lighter fluid and a rag at a small, wooden lifeguard hut in an attempt to set it ablaze. The fire only caused minor damage to some shingles and a scorch mark down the side of the shed.

A few weeks later, around 4:30 a.m. on Aug. 19 an employee saw "flashes of light" coming from the snack bar area by the pool and called the LaSalle Fire Service, which put out the flames.

Fire officials and police believe someone used a gas can to pour fuel around the room before setting it alight.

The club's general manager, Tal Czudner, is disappointed someone would try to cause so much damage in such a dangerous way. 

"We think it's just some unfortunate folks who just don't care about their community," he said. 

Police believe the suspect may have burned or scorched their face, hand and head during the second fire. They're asking members of the public to be on the lookout for suspects with burns or having a  "distinct, strong 'burn' odour coming from them."

Anyone with information is aksed to contact police or Crime Stoppers.