Larry Horwitz is running for mayor of Windsor.

Early Wednesday, he was listed as a candidate on the city's website.

The chair of the Downtown Windsor Business Improvement Association later officially declared his political intentions Wednesday morning a news conference.

"I believe I can work with businesses, with unions, with all political parties and bring about a collaborative style to Windsor and make things happen. I'm a businessman first, so I know how to work with everybody," Horwitz said.

Horwitz owns a number of downtown properties. He’s helped keep the annual Balloonapolooza afloat.

He’s a tenacious promoter of downtown Windsor and the city as a whole. Two years ago Horwitz tried to entice comedian Stephen Colbert to be the grand marshal of the city’s annual Christmas parade.

Horwitz also bought the historic Our Lady of the Rosary Church.

Horwitz joins Robin Easterbrook, Timothy Dugdale, Raymond Poisson and Ernie The Baconman as mayoral candidates.

Windsor residents head to the polls Oct. 27.