The Belle River Wind power facility that Lakeshore's city council voted against is now fully complete and operational according to its developers.

The 100 megawatt facility will generate enough clean energy to power 35,000 Ontario homes, Samsung and Pattern Development announced Monday in a press release. 

"Originally we had voted against it," said Mayor of Lakeshore and Essex County Warden Tom Bain. "Council was not in favour of anymore wind turbines coming into the area but the province of Ontario approved it and said even though you're not a willing host, you're getting them."

Companies work around the municipality by communicating directly with landowners who received between $8,000 and $12,000 per year for allowing one of the turbines on their property.

According to its developers, Belle River Wind provided jobs to more than 235 Ontario workers during construction. The facility will provide 12 permanent positions now that it is operational.

Towers for the 40 wind turbines were made in Windsor and the 120 turbine blades were manufactured in Tillsonburg.

Bain said the municipality felt that they had already accepted enough wind turbines, and were concerned about accepting more because the structures were beginning to "encroach" on residential areas.

The power facility will generate more than $2.5 million in direct spending over 20 years in property taxes and landowner lease royalties, according to the company's press release. 

"It is a small source of revenue with regards to taxation, but you have to weigh both sides and council is not looking to bring in anymore," said Bains.