People living near an old landfill in Lakeshore have scored a big victory.

Residents of Puce Road will be compensated for putting up with trucks hauling excess Windsor-Essex Parkway dirt to the dump site each day.

The people found out Tuesday at a meeting of the local solid waste authority.

Andrea Rivest has been one of the leaders in a fight the residents felt strongly about.

The property owners have been demanding compensation ever since 1,500 trucks a day started taking dirt from the $1.4-billion road project to the former landfill.

They've had to put up with noise, dust, diesel fumes and safety issues, they say.

The provincial Ministry of Environment said the homeowners are entitled to compensation.

It has ruled that a $25,000 compensation fund set up in 1990 as part of the landfill's environmental compliance approval permit still applies.

Rivest said that's what they've been fighting for.

"We finally proved our point; that we did have a legitimate claim to what was going on," she said.

Lakeshore Mayor Tom Bain said the decision is recognition of what the residents will be facing over the next two years as trucks haul dirt to the former landfill.

"It gives them a bit of compensation. It's not totally what they've asked for but I think it's a reorganization of what they're going through," he said.

The administration has been asked to prepare a report on the process to be followed by residents applying for compensation.

Windsor city councillor Hilary Payne sits on the board of the solid waste authority and said residents may have won but that there's an important issue to remember:

"Whatever they get will come from other taxpayers so we have to be fair to them, too," Payne said.

The matter will be further discussed at the authority's next meeting in January.