Kingsville, Ont., human remains sent for forensic tests

The remains of a human body found near Ruthven, Ont., on Thursday night are now in the hands of OPP forensic investigators.

The remains of a human body found near Ruthven, Ont., on Thursday are in the hands of Ontario Provincial Police forensic investigators.

The body was discovered in a 1998 Plymouth Voyager minivan, which burned in a field off Kingsville's Road 2 East.

Neighbours spotted the fire and called police around 8 p.m. on Thursday.  Residents say the area is normally quiet.

"There's never been anything of that instance around here. I'm really totally surprised," said Tony Ingretta.

Ingretta lives a few doors down from the farmer's field where the car was seen smoking.

"I went to the back of my property and saw the smoke coming from the vehicle," he said.

By the time Kingsville Fire and the OPP reached the middle of the farmer's field, the minivan was engulfed in flames.  After the fire was put out, fire crews made the gruesome discovery.

Plates could identify vehicle

The scene was guarded by police from Thursday evening until Saturday afternoon while an OPP crime unit conducted a field investigation.  Both the van and the body were sent to a facility in Toronto for identification on Saturday.

"Toronto has the resources that are better equipped to deal with this type of incident," said OPP Media Relations Officer Karen Gignac-Trudell on Friday.

Once the remains are identified, the Essex County Crime Unit will try to find out who or what caused the fire.

Police believe they will be able to determine who owns the vehicle from the attached vehicle license plates.  It is still unclear if foul play was involved.

OPP expect to get the autopsy results and the vehicle inspection report by Wednesday.