John McGivney Portrait

John McGivney was 91 years old. (John McGivney Centre)

John McGivney will be laid to rest today.

He died last Thursday at 91 years old.

McGivney is a well-known philanthropist and champion of children with disabilities.

He founded the Windsor facility that now bears his name, John McGivney Children's Centre

Elaine Whitmore is the executive director of the centre.

"It's a very sad day and a very sad time for us, but we have so much to celebrate in what he did for the community, especially for what he did for our centre, so we really think about the tens and hundreds of thousands of children that have benefited from his involvement in the centre and his leadership with the centre," she said.

She says McGivney was also her friend for 12 years. She says McGivney was deeply committed to the children and the staff. 

"He was so interested with what was going on in your life,`she said. ``He was interacting with the children. He was interacting with the young adults who had graduated from receiving our services, because he truly had an interest in knowing what was happening for them, and knowing what their needs were."

George King, a Windsor lawyer, who was a friend and associate of McGivney's, called him "the most unassuming, dedicated philanthropist" he ever met.

"He just worked tirelessly for the children, any good cause, but particularly for the children of the now John McGivney Centre, and he looked for no recognition at all for it," King said. "It was not only astounding; it was inspiring really."

McGivney's funeral takes place at St. Marks by-the-Lake Church in St. Clair Beach this afternoon.

Then, between 3:30 p.m. and 6 p.m., there will be an open house at Beach Grove Golf Club.