A new documentary on elder abuse in the South Asian community was screened in Windsor this weekend.

The South Asian Community Centre helped make it with grant money.

Vice president Mirza Baig explains that when immigrants from countries such as Pakistan and India bring over their parents, the older generation often becomes shut in.

"They're sitting at home, and they're totally dependent on their kids for their social needs, for their physical needs, for their medical needs, for their emotional needs, and all that. They have nowhere to go," Baig said. "The social circle they had was all back home, in their home country. They start getting depressed.

"The kids who expect a lot of things from their parents, as in supporting their kids, supporting in their home, household chores and all that, they do not get that. The whole situation becomes tense and bitter for the parents and for the kids."

According to the film, the children sometimes take advantage of their money as well.

The documentary is called Izzat: Breaking the Silence on Elder Abuse.

It will be shown at film festivals and on television.