The first real snowfall of the season may have already blanketed Windsor-Essex in a layer of white, but it's not too late to put on those winter tires.

Nick Papadatos from Nick's Auto Clinic has five tips to make sure your vehicle is safe for the snow this season.

Stay hot

Make sure your defroster and car heater are blasting out enough hot air to keep you warm and your windows clear.

Wipe away winter

Check you windshield wiper blades for tears that could leave dangerous streaks on the glass.

Don't be undercharged

Test your battery to make sure it won't leave you in a jam — or snowbank. A pair of jumper cables can give you the jolt you need if it does die.

Avoid freezing up

Top up all fluids, but especially your coolant to ensure the right mixture of antifreeze will keep your fluids from becoming solids.

There's snow tire like a snow tire

"I have specifically high-quality snow tires for my car and all of my family's cars and I recommend it to everyone," says Papadatos. "I think if snow tires can help you out even one time they've served their purpose. They give you a lot more traction and a better feeling for the road. I wouldn't recommend going without them."