Two dogs who died after drinking water from this ditch in Essex, Ont. died of insecticide poisoning, the province's Ministry of the Environment said Thursday.

Two dogs that died within minutes of drinking from a ditch in Essex, Ont., on Nov. 8 were poisoned by insecticides in the water, Ontario's environment ministry said Thursday.

Autopsy reports show the two boxers had levels of carbofuran in their livers and stomach contents, the Ministry of Environment said in a press release. Carbofuran is a type of pesticide used to control insects in vegetable and fruit crops.

Ministry investigators took ditchwater samples from a number of ditches near the one the dogs drank from, located at 14th Concession.

They checked for pesticides, algal toxins and other contaminants but found only normal levels of each.

They also interviewed nearby farmers about how they use pesticides, and found no violations.

The area surrounding 14th Concession is primarily agricultural, and used to farm soy, corn and winter wheat.