Inmate accidentally released from jail found and deported

Staff at Windsor Jail accidentally released an inmate Tuesday morning, police say.

An inmate accidentally released from Windsor Jail on Tuesday has been found and deported to the U.S.

Staff at Windsor Jail mistakenly released the 35-year-old man Tuesday morning.

The man had served his sentence but the Canada Border Service Agency had a hold on the man and was to be escorted back tot he U.S. upon his release.

Just before 2 p.m. CBSA officers found the man and returned him to the U.S.

Jennifer Sinasac works near the jail and was uneasy about the situation.

"I think it's crazy. It's scary because you never know who got out. You don't know what they could have done or who's wandering the streets," she said.

Police said there was no immediate threat to the community.

That's why General Brock elementary school was not subjected to a lockdown.

Scott Scantlebury, who speaks for the public school board, said there was no safety threat to students at any point.

"If they had have determined there was a threat, or even a perceived threat, [police] would have contacted us and together we would have determined what action to take, whether that would have been hold-and-secure or a full lockdown for the school," Scantlebury said. "But when we contacted Windsor Police they told us that in their determination there was no threat so it wasn't necessary."