Injured dog Coco is not a pit bull, now up for adoption

An injured dog being cared for by the Windsor-Essex County Humane Society is not a pit bull, according to DNA tests, and is now up for adoption.

DNA tests show Coco, an injured dog being cared for by human society, is not a pit bull

Coco is recovering after surgery, and is up for adoption in Ontario.

An injured dog being cared for by the Windsor-Essex County Humane Society is not a pit bull, according to DNA tests.

Coco, a severely injured seven month old puppy arrived at the human society on May 5. She was reported to have jumped and fallen on a brick in her owner's yard.

The veterinary team performed surgery two weeks ago on the dog and was given the go-ahead for adoption.

But, Coco's breed was in question. If tests came back to show she was a pit bull, the puppy would have to be sent out of province.

"Many dogs which may resemble one breed are actually a mix of a number of different breeds, and our hope is that Coco falls into this category," the agency said in a media release. "This would allow her to move into our adoption program as soon as her treatment is complete."

Over the weekend, DNA results showed neither of Coco's parents were purebred. She's part bull dog, part basset hound.

"It's a good example of how it's important to not jumping to conclusions," said Melanie Coulter with the Windsor-Essex Humane Society. "What a dog appears to be is not always what their actual breed is."

Coco is now available for adoption in the region.

If a dog being cared for by the Windsor-Essex County Human Society turns out to be a pit bull, it will be shipped to a province without breed-specific legislation for treatment instead of being euthanized.

The pit bull ban has been in effect in Ontario since 2005.


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