Some members of Windsor's Sikh community have already decided who they're hoping to vote for in the next federal election, despite the fact he isn't even an official candidate yet.

Jagmeet Singh, who spent the bulk of his childhood in Windsor, announced his bid for federal NDP leadership earlier this month and many members of the city's Sikh community said they're hopeful he'll be Canada's next Prime Minister.

"Jagmeet Singh is a role model for Sikh students actually he is a role model for me," said Dilpreet Singh. "I like him, I love him and I want everyone to vote for him, I want to see him as a leader as an NDP leader."

The University of Windsor student added he even has a picture of the politician hanging on his bedroom wall.

Bilpreet Singh is a student at the University of Windsor.

Dilpreet Singh, left, is a student at the University of Windsor and said Jagmeet Singh is a role model for young Sikhs. (Meg Roberts/CBC)

Jagmeet is currently the deputy leader of Ontario's NDP and the first turban-wearing Sikh to sit on Ontario's legislature. He also lists being a jiu-jitsu champion and the subject of a GQ photo shoot among his accomplishments.

If he were selected as the leader of the NDP he would become the first non-white leader of a major federal party in Canada's history.

That fact, along with the way he has represented Sikhs in Canada, is enough to have some consider changing their vote.

Harinder Matharu said she usually votes Liberal, but would consider supporting the NDP if Jagmeet became its leader.

"He's a very honest guy and he did lots for his community," she said, adding the fact he is running will be an honour for all Sikhs in Windsor.

Harinder Matharu

Harinder Matharu said she typically votes Liberal, but would consider supporting the NDP if Jagmeet Singh became its leader. (Meg Roberts/CBC)

The feeling is shared by many in the city, including Mohanpal Singh who said he was friends with Jagmeet when he was younger.

"I think his heart is in a good place," he said. "For me it's really nice that I feel like I know somebody in politics because you feel like there is somebody there you can trust who is actually going to work for policy that is for the people that benefit the people and that's hard to find in this day in age in politics especially."

Mohanpal Singh

Mohanpal Singh said he grew up with Jagmeet Singh and would support him as Prime Minister. (Meg Roberts/CBC)