October 11 is the United Nation's International Day of the Girl Child, and a special collection of photos was released in Windsor to mark the occasion.

"I Dream to Be," is a photo campaign organized by Cierra Bray and Nour Hachem, where girls aged 4 to 12 dressed up to have their photo taken.

"We took a different spin on dress-up," said Hachem. "We normally hear of young girls dressing up in dresses and princess outfits and we thought 'how unique would it be to ... have them dress up as a firefighter or police officers?'"

Cierra Bray and Noor Hachem

Cierra Bray and Nour Hachem are the organizers of the "I Dream to Be" project. (Michael Hargreaves/CBC)

Hachem and Bray had a group of 16 girls get together and dress up in work uniforms for professions where women are underrepresented. 

The women said they had the girls dressed as firefighters, pilots, skills trade workers, and more. 

"It's important because there's still some challenges that young women face when considering different career options," said Hachem. 

"We do know that there are certain stereotypes in terms of what jobs are available for women and what jobs are available for men."

I Dream to Be

A photo from the "I Dream to Be" campaign. (Nour Hachem/Twitter)

Bray and Hachem are also organizing 'Build a Dream,' an event for high school aged girls on Nov. 2 at the Ciociaro Club that will encourage participants to learn about careers they may not have previously considered.