There's a new suggestion for getting Windsor's skunk problem under control.

The local humane society says the city should make it mandatory that people put their garbage in hard-sided containers.

Melanie Coulter says that would make residential areas less of a draw.

"Trapping and removing skunks is not going to solve the problem, unless you address what drew them there in the first place and what's keeping them there in the first place. So if you just remove them from the area, you're going to have more skunks have more babies, and then you're going to have the population at the exact same carrying capacity in following years."

City council will debate skunks again tonight.

The city is looking at offering people vouchers to buy Herby Curby containers for yard waste.

 Windsor city council tackles the problem of skunks at its meeting Monday night.

Coun. Fulvio Valentinis believes the city should leave it up to the homeowners on how to handle the situation but perhaps it can provide some financial assistance.

"If you have a skunk problem and you're going to be spending money, perhaps we'll offer assistance," Valentinis said. "This is not the city going out to hire the skunk trapper, but rather let the homeowner take the responsibility and deal with the issue. We'll help reimburse part of that cost."