Human kinetics students say 1KM walk to Tim Hortons too far

Some students in the University of Windsor's human kinetics program are "tired of walking" 10 minutes to the closest Tim Hortons.

University of Windsor students have started a Facebook petition to get a 3rd kiosk built on campus

Human kinetics students at the University of Windsor are bothered by the fact there is no Tim Hortons kiosk in their building. 2:20

Some students in the University of Windsor's human kinetics program are "tired of walking" 10 minutes to the closest Tim Hortons.

The closest kiosk is at the Odette School of Business. According to Google maps, that's exactly one kilometre, or a 13-minute walk, away from the human kinetics building.

So, students have started an online Facebook campaign called "Lets Get a Timmies in HK" to have a Tim Hortons built in their building.

"Are you tired of walking 10 minutes in any direction to get food or refreshments? Do you feel that HK is a legitimate faculty worthy of its own Tim Hortons kiosk?" asks the initial Facebook posting by student Adam Oran. "This page is basically to give students in HK the ability to voice their desire and support of bringing a Tim Horton's kiosk into the HK building.

"Please like and share this page, in that way we'll get closer to our goal."

Oran claims there are 450 human kinetics students and professors that are being forced to walk that one kilometre to Tim Hortons.

"I think it's a little unfair that people judge us as a faculty and they think we aren't entitled to the same things many others are," Oran told CBC News.

By Wednesday morning, after nearly three months online, the page had 400 'Likes.'

"These people are hardworking students, athletes, and staff worthy of a good cup of coffee," he wrote. "So not only is there demand for this type of venture in HK, there are enough people in and out of HK that would make it a self-sufficient and extremely viable business operation."

Oran told CBC News the complaint is "about the time more than anything."

"We still promote a healthy, active lifestyle," he said.

University of Windsor Student Alliance vice president Mohammad Akbar told CBC News student government is aware of the online petition is working toward bringing a Tim Hortons kiosk to the building.

University of Windsor human kinetics professor Sarah Woodruff, who specializes in nutrition and physical activity patterns, behaviours and attitudes, disagrees with the plea.

"I don't think it's a good idea because the increase to access to fast food is concerning," she said.

The map below illustrates how many and where Tim Hortons are located on the University of Windsor campus. The blue marker notes the human kinetics building and the coffee cups note Tim Hortons locations.