People who live near the Hรดtel-Dieu Grace Tayfour Campus on Windsor's west side allege medical staff are hogging the parking spaces on streets surrounding the campus.

Residents met with hospital administrators Wednesday night to discuss solutions.

Chantelle Meadows lives a few blocks from the Tayfour campus...

"I was really excited to buy a house and have street parking, and now it's not always available," Meadows said.

Residents say hospital staff and visitors are using on-street parking to avoid paying for it at the campus.

Terra Cadeau with Hotel Dieu-Grace says staff are eager to hear the issues.

"It's my understanding that we have ample parking both for our patients and our families and for our staff, so I really want to hear what the concerns are," Cadeau said.

So, the group of about 30 residents asked why residential permits aren't required to park on the street.

Ward 2 Coun. Ron Jones said that solution isn't without problems either

"Then there's the whole issue of enforcement, and I don't that know we have the resources to enforce every parking issue," he said.

Another suggestion by the group was to take a small fee out of employees' salaries to cover parking costs at the medical campus.

A program like that already exists but the hospital can't force employees to buy in to it.

A permanent solution has yet to be agreed upon.