Ontario NDP Leader Andrea Horwath wants the Liberals to develop what she calls tangible accountability measures.

Ontario NDP Leader Andrea Horwath is still not prepared to say whether she will trigger an election.

She came to Windsor on Thursday to speak to the chamber of commerce.

Horwath said discussions are going in the right direction, but she needs to see tangible accountability measures before her party supports the budget.

"Whether it's an NDP government, whether it's a Liberal government or whether it's a Conservative government, it's something that is desperately needed here in Ontario," Horwath said. "Ombudsman, oversight in healthcare, this is something that every other province in our country has; third-party, unbiased oversight in health care."

Horwath also attended the Windsor-Tecumseh nomination meeting Thursday night, where city councillor Percy Hatfield was picked as the party's candidate.

A by-election must be held there by August to replace Liberal Dwight Duncan.

"The premier has some decisions to make and she needs to be public about what she's going to do on accountability," Horwath said. "The Legislature was expected to rise on June 6, which is just a couple of weeks away. The public should know very, very well before then whether they'll be into an election or whether they'll have a budget."