A newly formed group of horse racing fans wants the Ontario Racing Commission to revoke the licence for a teletheatre currently located at Club Alouette.

The Horseplayers of Windsor and Essex County, has several complaints about the facility.

"It's basically a bar setup, with TVs thrown on the wall, and really it's all a money grab, and it has been since this licence holder had the licence at Windsor Raceway, and now it continues into the teletheatre operations," Wayne Craig said.

Winrac Development Inc. moved the teletheatre across town once it closed Windsor Raceway.

Last year, Winrac president Pat Soulliere told CBC News that Windsor Raceway is a huge building and the ownership group had "to look at the economics of maintaining a building of this size."

The phone number and email for Winrac Development Inc. provided to the City of Windsor during the teletheatre application process are no longer in service.

Craig said a formal request is being sent to the province today, asking that the licence to operate the teletheatre be revoked.

In the meantime, Craig is calling on a boycott of the teletheatre - but not the bar that houses the betting.

"As horse players, we're just fed up, absolutely fed up, with being treated like third-class citizens," he said. "It's not an operation that should be here ... it's not even close to a teletheatre."