Swimming at Holiday Beach in Amherstburg won't be allowed this weekend.

The water there has more than the allowable safe amount of E. coli bacteria in it.

It's the first beach closure in Windsor-Essex County this summer.

Test results Thursday show more than 1,000 parts of E. coli in 100 ml of water.

The beach will be closed to swimming until further testing, which is scheduled for July 16.

Swimming is not recommended at about four of 10 local beaches monitored by the Windsor Essex County Health Unit.

Sandpoint Beach, Northwest Beach, Lakeside Beach also Colchester Beach also have elevated levels of E. coli.

Shaun Anthony is a a water quality specialist with the Essex Region Conservation Authority. He studies where E. coli comes from and how it gets into the water.

It can originate from:

  • Leaky septic tanks.
  • Leaky sewer lines.
  • Pet waste.
  • Sewer overflow.
  • Live stock.
  • Manure on fields.

Large storm events wash the bacteria from the mainland into the water.

Anthony said farm animals that wade in and drink from tributaries that feed the lakes also put E. coli into the water.

Anthony says residents can play their part. He says home owners should change their septic tanks to help keep their pipes clean and avoid getting any unwanted bacteria in the water.