Hockey will resurface at the old Windsor Arena in September.

The University of Windsor men's hockey coach, Kevin Hamlin, said the Lancers will continue playing at the facility, commonly known as "The Barn", this season.

"We were fairly surprised. It's part of the problem when you don't own your own facility; you're at the mercy of the city. We feel fine wherever we are going to play," said Hamlin.

It was believed the 84-year-old arena saw its last hockey game March 2 when the Windsor Lancers were defeated by the Western Mustangs.

"For our purposes it's very difficult to create an atmosphere at 'The Barn' with fans, but we're just happy to have a place to play," said Hamlin.

The uncertainty will continue, he said, until the University of Windsor either purchases or builds its own hockey arena.

Hamlin said he was notified a month ago by senior university staff that the team may return to The Barn.

Urban mall still a possibility

Local developers James and Leigh Anne King announced they wanted to turn it into an urban mall with vendor kiosks, a butcher shop, a café and other retail spaces.

The city and the developers are still in talks about the urban mall, but at this point city officials said the developers are not ready to move forward.

Recreation and culture executive director Jan Wilson said some groups have expressed the desire to use the city-owned arena.

"The city and the Kings have not reached a final agreement yet. So, until such time as that's fully completed, we'll operate the rink for this season rather than have it be empty," said Wilson.

City CAO Helga Reidel confirms with CBC News the plans are still on the table.

"It has taken longer than we thought already and I wouldn't be in a position to put a timeline to it," said Reidel.

"It's a very important asset for the city ... I think everyone is being careful," she said.

The city said an ice rink will be in place by the first week of September.

Hamlin said training camp for the men's Lancers team starts Sept. 4.