A Windsor man who leads a group suing the city has decided to run for a seat on city council.

Hilary Payne, who is a former city administrator, announced Wednesday he will run in this fall's municipal election.

He wants to represent the new Ward 9, in southeast Windsor.

Payne said he plans to campaign on the future development of the large rural area in the east part of the ward, the impact of future operations at Windsor International Airport on nearby residential areas, and the Zalev Brothers scrapyard.  

There are already three other candidates running in the ward; Arthur E. Lorenz, Antun Peakovic, Hank VanAspert.

Payne is involved with the Boarded Up Houses Demolition Action Group, which is suing the city.

The group opposes the various city bylaws preventing the demolition of more than 100 vacant homes near the Ambassador Bridge.

Payne owns property in the neighbourhood.