The two Pelee Island ferries are docked Monday because of high winds, just four days after the Jiimaan was stuck on a sandbar for 24 hours.

The Pelee Islander had to be taken out of service, and the Jiimaan could not be tested.

"Unfortunately, gale-forced winds gusting to 70 km/h today is going to stop [the Jiimaan from running]," said Susan Schrempf, CEO and president of Owen Sound Transportation Company. "So right now we're just watching the weather to see when the first opportunity will be to go out and give it a little test run and then put it right back into service."

Transport Canada deemed the Jiimaan safe for sailing on Saturday.

Last week, the larger vessel ran aground near the Kingsville dock, stranding more than 30 passengers and crew, along with loads of soybeans and grapes.

Both ferries were not operational Sunday because of the severe winds.

Pelee Island Mayor Rick Masse is anxious for them to start sailing again.

"It's my understanding that the Jiimaan will be going out for sea trials," said Masse. "If the sea trials are favourable and everything goes all right, then the Jiimaan will be pressed back into service."

Masse said the entire situation is frustrating.

"You can't take it back and we've just got to move forward and it's just critically important that we push on with the recommendations in the transportation study," said Masse. "In the study, it states that the Jiimaan is going to be refurbished with up-to-date components."

A vacuum truck was used to suck loads of sand from the boat.

It was stuck in the ship's sea bays, which is a water cooling system to help prevent the main engines from overheating.

Schrempf said a plane service for islanders will only come into play if both ferries are out of service for more than a week.