Heartbroken family of missing dog suspects pooch for sale online

A Windsor woman says her missing family dog may have been up for sale on Kijiji, but the police says they can't do much about it.
Tesha Caston says her dog, Avon, a black and brown dachshund, was last seen at the end of July in her backyard. (Makda Ghebreslassie/CBC)

A Windsor woman says her missing family dog may have been sold on Kijiji, but the police say they can't do much about it.

Tesha Caston told CBC News her dog, Avon, a black and brown dachshund, was last seen at the end of July in her backyard.

"My mom and my daughter shared this dog," said Caston. "My mom passed away. So, it's not just a dog that we bought for my daughter, and said, 'Hey, here you go. It's a dog.'

"We have memories with this dog, with my mom."

The family posted descriptions of the dog on social media sites, plastered posters around their neighbourhood and went door knocking, but had no luck.

Dog for sale on Kijiji looks like Avon

That's until a few people who had seen her 'missing dog' postings alerted her to an ad on Kijiji featuring a dog that was for sale and looked a lot like Avon.
Avon, a five-year-old dachshund, has been missing for just over a month. (Tesha Caston )

Caston said she examined a picture of the dog posted on Kijiji beside a picture of Avon, and matched up all his markings.

Caston said she spoke to a woman and a man she claims were selling the dog.

When she tried contacting the seller, she said she got the runaround.

"I did send ... a text, and I said, 'Listen, I spoke to a police officer. I just need my dog back,'" she explained. "We were just hoping he was in a good home with good people. 

"He's a purebred dog, so they don't even know the value of the dog, purely let's us know that he wasn't in a good home."

She said she's not 100 per cent convinced the Kijiji dog is hers, however, Caston had hoped to at least be able to see the dog to watch how he would respond to her.

"I would just hope they would give the dog back, just the bond that we have with my family, it's my daughter's dog it's not my dog. I'll buy the dog back, I won't press charges," she said to anyone who may have Avon.

Not enough evidence to proceed, police say

Caston did file a report with police, but after speaking with the sellers Sgt. Matt D'Asti said there is not much more officers can do.
Matt D'Asti with Windsor police said there is not enough evidence to link the dog for sale on Kijiji with the missing dog. (Jeff Harrington/CBC News)

"We did conduct an investigation, however, these incidents are case by case. It depends on the amount of evidence that we have," said D'Asti.

Police spoke with the two people who had posted the ad, one who was uncooperative, the other person indicated that it was their own dog they were selling, he said.

"It's very complicated an it's difficult for us in circumstances like this when you have someone that has a dog that may be similar and the person who's reporting this to police is going off of a photograph off the internet. So, there's no other positive identification of the animal," he said.

"It may very well be the dog, however, we're not able to do anything further at this point because we haven't been able to view the dog or talk or see who these people are," said D'Asti.

He said police do not know where the people live to just show up at the home. D'Asti said if there had been an eye witness or more evidence they could proceed differently.

"A tattoo or microchip may be the piece that solves the puzzle, where the person is able to prove that this is in fact is [their] animal."

Tips for animal owners

  • Call police right away and file a report
  • Tattoo or microchip your animal in case it gets lost
  • Do not leave an animal unattended in your back or front yard


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