Staying focused on losing weight after pledging a New Year's resolution may be difficult to keep on track, but the Windsor Essex County Health Unit has a program that could help.

Over a 10-week period a registered dietician works with participants to create a healthy diet and active routine.

Riddhi Shukla is a registered dietician with the health unit. She said participants will set goals, learn how to properly read nutrition labels and understand the importance of daily physical activity.

"We talk a lot about behaviour modification that helps people maintain weight loss for a long period of time instead of a quick fix," said Shukla.

Individuals with specific conditions such as diabetes and heart disease aren’t able to join this program because "...their requirements and their nutritional recommendations are significantly different from the average individual."

"We’re not able to maintain focus while we have individuals who need specific guidance," said Shukla.

She said there are other programs in the community that specifically target people with medical conditions.

Personal trainer Sarah Aldridge said there are some key steps to follow when starting any weight loss program.

"Make sure you're drinking your water, at least if you're not eating vegetables right now, [which should be] at least two servings a day," said Aldridge. "Nutrition is really going to be key to weight loss here [because] nutrition is 80 per cent of the battle a lot of the time."

Cindy Leslie knows the importance of a healthy diet and having a support system when trying to lose weight.

Leslie just started working out with a personal trainer to get into her wedding dress this summer.

"They helped me out on what to do and the next day you feel good because you're sore and you actually accomplish something, so it motivates you to come back," said Leslie.

The weight loss program at the Windsor Essex County Health Unit starts Monday at 6:30 p.m.

The cost of the 10-week program is $75 and open to those aged 20-65 who qualify.