A diverse world of fashion will be displayed in Dearborn, Michigan on Sunday.

The Heapwrap Expo is being presented by Zarinah El-Amin Naeem for the second time.

"We're talking about head coverings in all forms, whether it's a Sikh turban, or a hijab that Muslims wear," said Naeem.

The expo organizer got the idea after living in various places around the world, including Egypt and West Africa.

"When I came back to the United States and started studying anthropology, I noticed it wasn't just a Muslim thing," she said. "A lot of people associate head coverings with modest dress and put it on women only. But, head wraps are found all over the world with both men and women."

She then began exploring the reasons why people had their heads covered.

"I wanted to use this global art to bring all of those different groups together and create cultural understanding and ultimately, create a global culture of love," she said.

Naeem said she realized the headwrap can bring people together from various cultures.

The expo will feature artists, styling workshops and fashion shows featuring unique head wraps.