Demolition has begun at a west-side Windsor elementary school and for some the desctruction is bittersweet. 

Doctor HD Taylor school is coming down and will be replaced by West Gate Public School, which will open next door in September. 

Danielle Cassan was a Taylor student a while back, but she still remembers her time there from kindergarten to Grade 8.

"I went there my whole life and graduated, so it's hard to see it go. I'm sad, but it's good for them because it's a nice new school. They'll have air conditioning and everything," said Cassan. "So it's exciting for them, sad for me."

HD Taylor

The demolition of HD Taylor is well underway. (Katia Augustin/CBC News)

Asha Bashan, also a student moving to the new school, will be going into Grade 6.

"I was thinking it was pretty cool, but after I seen that, I remembered all the memories I have with it," said Bashan. "Then I was like, 'awww.'"

The new school is 95 per cent complete, with some cosmetic features still left to be completed. 

Rayna Goyeau has three daughters who will also be making the switch. 

"It's a little bittersweet," said Goyeau. "The kids are a little sad to see their school go, but they're getting into a brand new school, which is super cool, so they're pretty excited about that."

The demolition is expected to be done by the end of the week.

The space will be used as a parking lot. 

HD Taylor demolition one

West Gate Public School will open next door in September. (Katia Augustin/CBC News)