Hatfield says good bye to council, hasn't resigned, yet

Percy Hatfield said his good-byes at Tuesday night's meeting of Windsor City Council but won't join the NDP caucus in Queen's Park until byelection results made official.

Percy Hatfield said his good-byes at Tuesday night's meeting of Windsor City Council.

The councillor will soon be off to Queen's Park after winning last week's provincial byelection in the riding of  Windsor-Tecumseh.

Hatfield said he'll probably officially resign as councillor next week, after the results of the voting are made official.

Tuesday, Hatfield thanked his colleagues and the administration for their support over the seven years he served on council.

He said he now looks forward to serving at Queen's Park.

"I will miss working with all of you on a regular basis. But I'll only be a phone call away. Rest assured, I'll still be working on your behalf," Hatfield told council. "My personal goal is to provide a new voice."

He promised to work with labour, small and big business and community leaders.

Council seems split on how to fill the Ward 7 seat.

Coun. Jo-Anne Gignac says people are telling her they don't want a byelection.

"I expect to continue gathering that information and then having a discussion with council," she said.

Coun. Al Maghnieh supports a byelection, which could cost between $70,000 and $90,000.

"Nobody should be sitting in a council seat who is unelected. This isn't the Senate this isn't some sort of appointed body," he said. "This is a democratically elected body."

Council is expected to make a decision later in the month.

The mayor has indicated he might call a special meeting to discuss the issue.