Many shoppers are scouring the racks for a Halloween costume, but beware, because certain costumes may have been recalled by Health Canada for safety reasons.

Health Canada's sampling and testing program led to a number of child and adult costumes being recalled.

Donna Wass is shopping for her daughter's Halloween costume, and was surprised to learn costumes can even be recalled.

"I work on the theory that if it's on the shelf, it's marked as a child's costume, that it's been through whatever process it needed to go through," said Wass. "They're saying OK, it's safe. As far as researching [costume recalls], no, I don't normally do that."

Tina Merrifield is the store manager at the Halloween Headquarters in Tecumseh. She said some people may still have their hands on a costume that's been recalled.

"We got [a costume] last year, and I guess it was recalled this year, so we took it off," Merrifield said. "We only had one left in the store."

The problem with one particular feathery costume is the wings, which Health Canada claims can catch fire easily.

Monica Gilles is also shopping for a Halloween costume.

"Kids want to be what they want to be. They won't wear the costume if they don't like it, if that's not their choice," said Gilles. "But definitely, we should be aware of that because if it's unsafe, I would steer them to something else or a different style of costume."

The leopard alter ego costumes sold at Value Village stores in Windsor also made it on the recall list.

The manager at the Value Village on Walker Road said they received the product, but it never made it out onto the sales floor.

You can visit Health Canada's website to view the full costume recall list.