Windsor's Greek Community has suffered a setback in its attempt to build a new church.

Windsor's heritage committee does not agree with a request to remove the Holy Cross Greek Orthodox Church on on Ellis Street from the municipal heritage register.

The Greek community has plans to build a new church and community centre on Walker Road.

The group does not want to face obstacles in the future if it decides to sell its existing church on Ellis Street.

However, a majority of members on the heritage committee say the current designation should not pose any concerns if the building is sold.

Members say a review will be triggered only if a demolition permit is filed. "They thought the application was premature," said Spiro Govas, a member of the Greek community. "It's OK. We are going to proceed. The new executive is going to do whatever they're going to do."

Coun. Fulvio Valentinis does not agree with the heritage committee's recommendation.

He agrees with Greek community members who argue the design of the current building does not reflect Byzantine architecture.

"When you hear the detailed discussion, this was something that was done at the time because it was something the community could afford," Valentinis said. "To use their words they 'put up a square box and put a small dome on top.'"

Members of the Greek community describe the building as a "hodgepodge of various designs."

The heritage committee's recommendation will go before city council for its support.

Earlier this year, Windsor's Greek community rejected a proposal to buy the old Grace hospital site and create a Greektown neighbourhood.

It was a plan supported by Mayor Eddie Francis, who met with members of the Greek community to try and pitch the idea.