Peter Hrastovec just had to get to Windsor's waterfront Thursday afternoon to take a look at the minivan-sized hole burrowed into the asphalt and earth, where the city's largest Canadian flag will soon fly.

Hrastovec is chairman of the Great Canadian Flag Project, which has been fundraising for five years to erect a massive patriotic flag that stretches 18 metres by nine metres.

Great Canadian Flag Project

Mary Baruth and Peter Hrastovec of the Great Canadian Flag Project take a selfie just outside the newly dug hole, where they plan to erect a massive flag. (Derek Spalding/CBC)

Work crews finally broke ground this week. Hrastovec and fellow project fundraiser Mary Baruth were there to see the early stages of the work.

"It's a big day. We're just delighted it's finally come to this stage," Hrastovec told CBC News. "I had to come down and see this."

The project has received a host of donations, including $150,000 from the federal government and another $25,000 from the city, which agreed to erect the flag pole at the Dieppe Gardens site on the waterfront.

A total of $291,000 has been raised so far toward the final $355,000 goal, according to the project website.