Girl donates hundreds of socks to shelter

A nine-year-old girl has donated hundreds of pairs of socks to a homeless shelter in Windsor, Ont., as part of her very own "Socks Warms Your Heart" campaign.

Talk about a foot-warming experience.

After more than two years of planning, nine-year-old Sarah Lewis has donated hundreds of pairs of socks to the homeless in Windsor, Ont.

Sarah Lewis, 9, has donated 576 pairs of woollen and sweat socks to people at a homeless shelter in Windsor, Ont. ((Tom Taylor/CBC))
On Friday, she turned 576 pairs — sweat socks and wool socks, in black, white and grey — to Unit 7, a downtown drop-in centre for homeless and low-income people.

"On really cold nights, your toes really feel the coldest," Lewis said at the shelter while standing in front of a big box of socks. "So they can just warm up their feet."

Lewis began her "Socks Warm Your Heart" campaign on Dec. 1, 2007, when she asked friends and family members to give her socks for her seventh birthday instead of presents.

Over the next two years, she also collected money from Canadian Tire , while her grandfather collected bottles that she traded for cash.

"I also donate my tooth-fairy money," Lewis said.

Lewis also managed to collect some sleeping bags, three pairs of gloves and four hats.

"I'm really proud of myself because I'm helping others," Lewis said quietly, when asked how she felt about her donation.

"We have everything we need. We have a home, and stuff to eat and a place to sleep.

"Well, they [the homeless] need a lot of stuff, too, like us, so they can live like us."