Windsor city council has approved, in principle, that a giant Canadian flag be raised on the waterfront at the foot of Ouellette Avenue.

Council's endorsement allows the members of the Great Canadian Flag Project to carry on with their plans and to start fundraising. The goal is to raise $350,000.

Peter Hrastovec, the chairman of the group, says there is public interest in the project.

"We've got many people in the public who want to give us money," he claimed. "we're looking to shore that up through a local foundation. We'll  make an announcement about that so the people can make tax deductible donations."

Some of the work involves logistics and soil testing.

There are people who question why such a large flag is needed  Some find it gimmicky and gaudy.

Not so says Michael Beale the chairman of the fundraising committee.

"In that location, we honour those who serve, served and are fallen. Our goal is to continue doing that work by flying that flag," he said.

The proposed size of the flag is 20-30 square metres, or 215-325square feet. The pole would be 45 metres, or 150 feet, tall. That's the equivalent of a 15-story building.

If everything goes smoothly, the giant flag is expected to be up by July 1, 2014.