A not-for-profit group that tries to get seniors to settle in Windsor and Essex County is hoping local governments will restore its funding in the months ahead.

The Windsor-Essex Active Retirement Community Initiative (WEARCI) used to receive funding from both the City of Windsor and Essex County council. But both governments ended that arrangement last year.

WEARCI says that many "active retirees" are interested in coming to the region, a process that will see them buy houses, invest in the community and support local businesses. But the group says the cut to its funding has essentially ended its efforts to encourage these people to relocate here.

Krista Del Gatto, the president of WEARCI, told CBC News the group used to receive about $60,000 a year from both the city and the county.

"It should be a no-brainer," Del Gatto said, when describing the funding request being made to the county and city governments.

Del Gatto said the group spends most of its money on marketing and operating costs.

She will appear before County Council this week to request $80,000 in funding for the coming year.

The organization is waiting for a response from the City of Windsor, in hopes of making a similar appearance before city councillors.