For the first time ever, the University of Windsor and St. Clair College are teaming up for a frosh week concert that will bring thousands of students to downtown Windsor.

The University of Windsor Students Alliance and the St. Clair Student Representative Council said Tuesday that Ouellette Avenue would be the site of one of the biggest parties in the downtown core.

Downtown bar owners pitched in $20,000 of the $100,000 price tag to bring thousands of students, along with people from the surrounding regions in Ontario and Michigan, to a concert featuring globe-trotting DJ Benny Benassi.

The Downtown Business Improvement Association and other unnamed sponsors are also sponsoring the event. The show will be free to students and cost just $5 for the public to attend.

Organizers are teaming up with a Detroit, Mich., entertainment group which was involved with producing part of the Torino, Italy, Olympics show, and the Detroit Electronic Music Festival.

"I love big parties and I think this has the potential to be one of the biggest parties that this city's ever had," said Renaldo Agostino, a downtown bar owner, and one of the event's organizers.

'This has the potential to be one of the biggest parties that this city's ever had.' —Renaldo Agostino, Concert organizer

It's the first time the two schools have collaborated on the event, and UWSA President Andre Capaldi said he expects there will be more joint ventures in the future.

"With the downtown move there's going to be a lot more collaboration between University of Windsor students and St. Clair Students so I think it's great that we're going to be celebrating the beginning of the school year together," said Capaldi. "There's been a lot of excitement generated on campus about the move downtown."

In May, the University of Windsor announced  that its schools of Visual Arts and Music would be taking over the Armouries. The St. Clair College already has 1,000 students downtown at its new Mediaplex and the St. Clair Centre for the Arts.

Organizers hope to showcase downtown businesses to students and generate some buzz in the city's core.

The frosh week concert starts at 4 p.m. on Sept. 6.