Windsor's month-long free-parking bonanza drew to a close Wednesday, with the city announcing it will start issuing tickets again to vehicles left at expired meters.


Drivers will have to start feeding the meter again now that Windsor's month-long romance with free parking has ended. ((CBC))

Since early August, enforcement officers didn't give out tickets when cars were parked at expired meters because the municipal parking bylaw was being updated. A legal opinion advised the city that any tickets issued while the law was in limbo could be successfully contested in court.

But the bylaw amendments have now been approved, meaning no more parking freebies on city streets. The new bylaw makes it an infraction to park at a broken meter.  

"Primarily this was implemented to give us discretion to enforce this kind of infraction in instances where we deem it to be a violation that's being made deliberately," said Mike Palanacki, Windsor's executive director of operations. "So that would preclude people from jamming meters and then pleading that they couldn't put money in the meter."

Palanacki estimated the city lost about $1,000 a day by not issuing tickets at expired meters. But this was probably offset by stricter enforcement of other sections of the parking bylaw, he said.