Free tickets went fast for the Buffal Bills game against the New York Jets on Monday night in Detroit.

Detroit's Ford Field is hosting the teams after a massive snow fall in Buffalo left its stadium covered in snow.

The ticket office said they're currently sold out, but that's not stopping people from selling tickets on Kijiji.

Bob Reaume owns a sports store in Windsor said he's not surprised tickets went so fast.

"Oh yeah, but you're talking only five or 10 thousand that was allocated to Ford Field," he said. "I mean there's that many that would go anyway just because it's free."

But Reaume warns buyers of third-party tickets to be careful.

"The only thing is, you don't know how real they are, because it was such an issue to get on-site to get to the Lions to purchase them from the Lions," said Reaume. "You're kind of taking your own chances if they're real or not, just like any ticket out there on the streets."

The Ford Field box office said they have to hold seats for those with hard copy tickets from the original Buffalo game, but may offer more tickets once the game starts.