The City of Windsor's former auditor general, Todd Langlois, has filed $2.4-million lawsuit against the city for what he alleges was wrongful dismissal.

"I think my lawyer — I was looking at advice from him — felt that this was the avenue we had to take, and I trust his judgement, and I feel myself that I was forced into this," Langlois said.

Langlois claims the mayor, chief administrative officer and chairman of the audit committee blocked him from doing what he was hired to do.

He said he didn't want to take the legal route, but was forced to in order to clear up what he called "inaccuracies."

"It's nothing I'm accustomed to, put it that way," he said. "I've never had my work challenged, ever. And there's a lot of inaccuracies out there and that will all come out."

The mayor and councillors aren't surprised the former auditor general has filed the lawsuit. Coun. Bill Marra said the city will defend itself.

"Council has been criticized for not being able to publicly speak on this issue and rationalize a decision. A statement of defence will clearly articulate the concerns the corporation had with the employment of the auditor general," Marra said.

Marra added he's an avid proponent of the auditor general's office and position.

Langlois was in the position for nine months. He was fired Jan. 31.

He said his life has been in "turmoil" since he was fired from his job.