Ford workers laid off in Windsor are to attend a meeting Friday that could lead to them being back on the job,  but not in Windsor.

The automaker is offering incentive retirement packages to eligible employees at operations in Oakville, Bramalea and Edmonton. Those offers could open up a number of jobs in those cities.

Those eligible to fill those positions have been notified.

There are about 480 workers laid off in Windsor and about 80 more in St.Thomas.

Chris Taylor, the president of UNIFOR Local 200, which represents workers in Windsor, said eligible workers have until Monday to inform Ford of their intent:

Taylor said jobs in Bramalea and Edmonton will be available in January. Jobs in Oakville will open up in the second and third quarters of 2014.

"So anybody who elects to go up there is going to have some time to get things in order, which is one of the complaints we had last time, that it just went so quick," Taylor said.

There are no laid off employees at the Ford plants in Oakville, Bramalea and Edmonton.

"It's kind of bitter sweet," Taylor said. "We would love to have them stay here, but this is a good opportunity.

Again, we were able to get Ford to offer up some incentives, even though they're fully employed at those three facilities."

How many workers accept the incentive retirement packages won't be known until after Nov. 15.