Thousands of people living in eight remoter northern Ontario communities are set to greet planes full of fresh produce and non-perishable donations today. 

It's part of CBC Thunder Bay's annual Sounds of the Season food drive. 

Four airlines have donated their cargo planes to help bring thousands of pounds of food and toys across northern Ontario. 

"These communities are remote - air access only," said John Beardy of North Star Air.

High Prices, Low nutrition 

Beardy, standing beside skids of boxes, reached for a bag of flour. 

"This would cost at least double what it does in Thunder Bay."

Leamington to Sandy Lake

Some of the food heading to the north comes from the south - prepared by the Southwestern Ontario Gleaners in Leamington. (Chris Ensing/CBC)

Beardy will help deliver dry soup mix processed by volunteers at the Southwestern Ontario Gleaners in Leamington to Eabemtoong First Nation, Neskantaga First Nation and Marten First Nation. 

Friday's trip will mean a lot to Beardy, who once lived in a remote community. 

"I know the cost of foods at the local stores" said Beardy. "To get something donated to you, for your families needs - it gives very good feeling," he said. 

Yearly Trip?

Waylon Gagnon's eyes light up when he thinks about what these donations mean for the people in Sandy Lake. 
"It's about the spirit of giving," Gagnon told CBC News on Thursday at a Wasaya Air hanger in Thunder Bay.

Jon Beardy

Jon Beardy with North Star Air said tomorrow will be a busy day delivering food to eight communities. (Chris Ensing/CBC)

"Being able to ship these none-perishable items it's an honour for Wasaya to do this."

They'll deliver more than 5,000 pounds of food on Friday, including nutritious foods. 

"That would be such a great relief, is what I'm thinking," said Gagnon, who is from a northern community. 
Regional Affair

Perimeter Aviation and KBM Resources will also have planes in the air to help deliver more than 40,000 pounds of food on Friday. 

It's all sorted by the Regional Food Distribution Association in Thunder Bay. 

If you'd like to help out there's still time! Check out CBC Windsor's Sounds of the Season page to donate.