The Essex Region Conservation Authority warns there is potential for flooding and a rise in standing water this weekend.

The authority says areas of poor drainage and low-lying areas are most at risk.

Temperatures are expected to be above freezing and there is a chance of rain this weekend.

The authority said the weather and melting snowpack "could result in high levels of runoff and potential ice jamming at bridge locations throughout the region."

"Flooding is also likely to occur on the region’s smaller watercourses," ERCA warned in a media release. "Many roadside and agricultural ditches are still filled with snow and ice, making it difficult for the water to drain off the landscape."

Water depth will vary and could be "potentially extremely hazardous," ERCA warned.

Authority staff is monitoring the region’s waterways and shorelines.

ERCA is asking property owners to check catch basins and other drainage areas for debris.

Sandbag stockpiles have been confirmed for all local municipalities within the region.

If the use of sandbags becomes necessary, residents should contact local municipal public works and/or drainage departments.