The Essex Region Conservation Authority has issued a flood watch for Windsor-Essex.

The authority says the snow pack is holding a water equivalency of 10-13 mm. The ground is frozen. The weather forecast also calls for up to 20 mm of rain over the next 12-36 hours.

"A possibility of flooding exists throughout the Essex region in low-lying areas and in areas of poor drainage," ERCA said in a media release. "The possibility of isolated heavy downpours may result in localized flooding. 

"The areas most likely to be affected are those areas where drainage facilities are impacted by snow drifting and, or, ice."

Temperatures are expected to soar to 7 C Saturday morning.

Tim Byrne at ERCA says that will melt some of the snow pack and, with the ground frozen, all the water will run off.   

"Now, if we go through mild temperatures without any precipitation, without any rain, we should be all right, but if we receive any type of significant rainfall or rainfall in a hurried fashion, we're going to see some flooding in the region," Byrne said.

Mario Sonego, city engineer in Windsor, has advice for homeowners looking to avoid flooding in their basements.

"Around your house, you should probably make sure your eaves troughs have a way for the water to get out, and if you have a sump pump overflow," Sonego said. "Also, if you see the catch basin or the drain in front of your road, if you see that blocked with ice, if you can open that up, that might help things as well."

Sonego says drivers should also take care, because large puddles may form on the streets.

The flood watch is in effect throughout the weekend.