Windsor police say that, for the most part, people were well behaved during and after last night's fireworks display on the Detroit River.

Superintendent John St. Louis says officers were able to move crowds of people quickly when it was all over.

He says part of the reason is the that streets were closed.

We really have a good, set pattern where we block the main core of downtown. It allows a lot of pedestrians to get back to their cars to avoid the initial gridlock," he said.

There were free bus rides to and from last night's fireworks and there were bicycles, too.

The chair of the city's bicycling committee, Kari Gignac, says about a 100 riders used the bike racks at Charles Clark Square.

"I think it was a great success," Gignac said. "It was great to see a bunch of people out."

People flocked by the thousands to Windsor's waterfront last night to watch the fireworks display.

For Don Faulkner, the whole event is spectacular. Faulkner, a former Windsorite, travels from Phoenix to watch the fireworks display, which he says is second to none:

"I've been at the Rose Bowl, their fireworks good but there is nothing that I've ever seen that overtakes this display," Faulkner said.

Some Michigan residents traveled across the border to Windsor to watch the fireworks. Pat Strauss and her family and friends say they'll do it again next year.

"We got a hotel room. It's beautiful on this side," Strauss said. "We've got the beautiful backdrop of the Detroit skyline. It's safe. It's clean. It's a great place to be."