Firefighter assaulted with baseball bat

A Windsor firefighter was attacked with an aluminum baseball bat while trying to respond to a fire in the 1600 block of Wyandotte Street West on Thursday.

A Windsor firefighter was attacked with an aluminum baseball bat while trying to respond to a fire in the 1600 block of Wyandotte Street West on Thursday.

Fire crews were called to the building because someone saw smoke.  They knocked on an apartment door, but no one answered.

Fire officials said they identified themselves and then forced their way in to the home. One firefighter reached through the door to unlock it from the inside, and that's when he was attacked.

"They had no other means to enter the apartment unit such as a master key, etc," said Brian McLaughlin, Deputy Fire Chief. "So under the Fire Protection Prevention Act they used force to enter the structure. In so doing, the person on the other side clearly thought they were a burglar and they took action against the firefighters that were trying to gain entry."

The firefighter's hand, wrist, and forearm were injured. McLaughlin said the firefighter will be taking a few days off work.

No charges will be filed, because the tenant thought the firefighter was an intruder.