The president of Windsor's firefighters association insists people in South Windsor are being put at risk.

Angelo Gertsakis was at a well-attended public meeting last night.

Gertsakis did back away from claims made in a controversial flyer distributed by his association, which alleged the reorganization would result in "no" fire protection for south Windsor.

"You gotta understand, we're passionate. It's our lifestyle. We're the frontline firefighters, and we're out there to do what we have to do, and no one wants to be that firefighter that couldn't get the job accomplished," he said.

Close to 100 residents came out to learn more about the relocation of Station No. 5.

By the end of the year, the location will move from Cabana Rd. to a site at the corner of Northwood St. and Daytona Ave.

Gertsakis says there's no question response times will be delayed.

"You're moving a fire hall that was on Cabana, right in the middle of station five's area, to the outskirts of it," he said. "Now, they're going to running in on all the time, so your medical calls, your fire calls, are gonna be delayed.  And once again, delayed response is the difference between time and death."

The fire chief admits the first fire truck will be slower to arrive to some locations in south Windsor because of changes coming to the department later this year.

Chief Bruce Montone says people living within a kilometre of that fire hall will see a change in the level of service they receive.

"If we were to put a fire hall on every street corner, wouldn't that be a wonderful thing? But that's just not reality. No fire protection? A change in fire protection, yes. An improvement in fire protection for the whole of the city? Yes," said Montone.

Mayor Eddie Francis spoke at the meeting, reminding people he too lives in the city's south end.

He told the crowd Station No. 5 has to move "for the greater good."