About 30 residents gathered at the corner of Chandler Road and Milloy Street Friday morning in Windsor's east end.

The group said they weren't consulted before the site was chosen, and that the location of the new fire hall at the corner of the two streets is unsafe because there is a school nearby.

"Put your school there, put your residential project there, but the fire hall doesn't belong there," said Gerard Gagne, an area resident.

The residents, who call themselves the Coalition to Move Fire Station No. 2, picketed in the area along with firefighters.

Wayne Currie is with the Windsor Professional Firefighters.

"We support the citizens' position and we support ... the station should be properly located on a major thoroughfare,
not on a secondary street," said Currie.

Protesters also said the streets are not wide enough to accommodate the kind of traffic that comes with a fire hall.

Residents were able to voice concerns about the location of Fire Station No. 2 at two public meetings in the spring.

City administrators have said traffic won't be an issue, at the volume of calls from the fire hall won't be as high as other locations.

The City of Windsor decided on the location for two new fire halls in the fall of 2013, in a sweeping plan to transform fire services in Windsor.