Athletes from 15 different countries will be jumping off Windsor's new diving platform this week for the 2014 FINA World Diving Series.

Canadian Olympic medallist Jennifer Abel will be one of them.

She's already been testing out the new springboards at the aquatic centre downtown.

"Usually when they're new, they're harder, but here in Windsor, they're really good," she said.

To the regular eye, it might just be a concrete structure.

But for Dennis Schincariol, who oversaw the project and works for FCI Concrete Forming of Ruscom, it's art. "When I look at it, it's kind of like X-ray vision," he said.  "I see what's behind the scenes. I see a building that's supporting itself in certain ways."

Schincariol admits the construction of the diving tower had him thinking outside the box.

"You had to understand how it would support itself once it was basically by itself," he said. "So, certain pours had to be done in advance of other ones."
Adding to the challenge was working around the construction of the rest of the building, having most of the the materials brought in by crane.

The toughest part though was the 10 metre platform. "It's huge," said Schincariol. "The platform that you had to build was so massive, that's what took the most time."

The diving competition kicks off that new platform on Friday.

It's part of a world series that stops in six cities including Beijing, London and Moscow.