It's the first week of February and there have already four days when school buses in Windsor-Essex didn't run.

For many people, staying home was the popular option, especially with schools like St. Thomas of Villanova Catholic High School in LaSalle

Pat Hickson is the principal there. "It was a bit of a white-knuckler coming in," he said.

Villanova is on North Townline Rd., in the middle of a few farm fields with no homes around it.

As a result, only a handful of kids attended school. "It was pretty quiet," he said.

Of the 1170 children, about 800 are bused in.

Because 75 per cent of their children don't live close enough to walk, most are driven.

"You could count them on one hand," Hickson said. "Literally."

He said administration took advantage and used the day for curriculum development, do marking and do some personal professional development.

For the four or five kids at school, it's an opportunity to get one-on-one tutoring, instead of a structured lesson.

This is the fourth "no bus day" since the beginning of the new year for students and staff at Villanova, which Hickson said is very unusual.

"There are always going to be situations where parents may drop their kids off," said Hickson. "The only time we close the building is when police say it's completely impassable or there's a problem with a gas leak or something like that."